Would you try it for a week or a few days ?

Please, go vegan today. If you don’t go vegan, I am still asking you that you do something

and I will be specific about it.  So, please keep on reading. Let me make my case for you going vegan today.

No need for consuming animals. There is no need to consume animal products. It is possible,

even easy to live as a vegan today. Curious as to what you believe.

No loss on taste.

Consuming animal products is not a matter of necessity anymore. Not for survival, or health,

or even for maintaining quality of life.  No loss on taste. We have things that taste just like meat.

Coconut milk is actually better than ice cream.

I challenge you to name your favorite non-meat food you think you cannot find in vegan.

Write to me at and I will direct you in my reply to your favorite food in vegan form.

Get ready to also find that the vegan version is tastier and cheaper.

Vegan diets are less expensive. They could also be more healthy. Being vegan is definitely

not unhealthy.

Full Disclosure:Vegan

I am 50 years old, a vegetarian for 24 years, the last 10 of them I was vegan.

The only medical result of my veganism is that I have to take a 1000 microgram B12 vitamin

pill every morning for the rest of my life.

(3 months supply is $15-20) On the plus side, my weight is healthy, I wasn’t sick for years,

and my bad cholesterol is off-the-charts low.

There is no data supporting that vegan diets have negative health effects.

Less expensive.

Cheap Lazy Vegan: How to Eat Plant-Based

When You’re Broke...

Plenty of data about veganism is the best for low cholesterol. Less expensive a vegan

diet is simply less expensive  than a non-vegan diet. There are other surprises

too such as things don’t get so disgusting after the expiration date or in the

drainer of the sink. Better for the planet Run-offs from animal-farms are

a major, major green house contributor.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, probably veganism is the easiest huge change.

Right now, Brazil’s frightening de-forestation of the Earth’s ‘lounges’ is to make space for

industrial animal farming.

Animals are pumped full of antibiotics just to live 

in the appalling conditions we

keep them for profit. 80% of pigs have pneumonia when slaughtered. This breeds antibiotics-resistant viruses.

Better for the planet.

Animal consumption lead to mad-cow disease (in people), SAARS (the bird flu).

It is written on my face mask that tofu never caused a pandemic.

I am not sure what caused the corona-virus, but I am pretty sure that going

vegan could only improve on this. Animals are not that different from us people.